About Us

Unitas-ISAC is a non-profit community organization setup and run by the Indian Diaspora in Ireland with help from Irish friends. Unitas ISAC is dedicated to strengthening and deepening relationships between different cultures through a series of exciting and inspiring arts-based programmes. The organisation’s Visions is and mission is as follows.

Our Vision:

To Integrate diverse cultures of Indian Diaspora in Ireland and to embrace unity in diversity through a common community platform

Our Mission:

To provide a common community platform for Integration through Sports, Arts and Culture.

  • Sports – Enabling integration through sports activities among diverse population in Ireland.
  • Arts – Spread the awareness of Indian Arts through various events and media.
  • Culture – Promote cultural interchange through celebration of major Indian festivals in Ireland

Our Strength:

UNITAS ISAC’s strength is its volunteers. We have around 20 core volunteers and around 80+ volunteers to support the team on an on-going basis. Without their support and passion, our success would have been just a dream.