Welcome to Festival of Colors

Festival of Colors aka Holi is the most popular Indian spring festival to mark the beginning of Spring season, celeberated with colors to brighten the life, sometimes called festial of love. It is an ancient Hindu festival that has become more popular in South Asia, Europe and in Western worlds.

The whole society comes together in harmony to strengthen the integration and bonding of the society regardless of region or race to celebrate the rich and vibrant festival of Holi that fills our festivity with colors and joy inviting the celebration of life. Colors denote energy, which carves strong emotional joy when the colors are flung into the air or when smeared on friends and loved ones as a symbol of oneness.

This exuberant festival helps in revitalising relationships and strengthening emotional bonds between people. Everyone speaks only one language on this day and during the celebration of this fun-filled festival - the language of colors that symbolises and carves strong bonding and Integration of the society. Festival of colors is celebrated to energise and bring colors into every aspect of our life to fill positive energies throughout the whole year.

Festival of Colors 2017 will be celebrated on Saturday, 11th March in Naomh Olaf GAA Hall, Sandyford.